A Pain In The….

This post is going to be a long one, and is not how I planned on resurrecting this blog. Nevertheless….

Are we sitting comfortablely? Good.

Toward the end of October, my neck started feeling tight and cranky, especially in the morning. I figured it was time for new pillows (I tend to buy cheapass ones from Target, since my go-to pillow source got assimilated by the Evil Red Star back in 2006). Got new pillows; didn’t help much. Then one Saturday I awoke with awful neck pain and stiffness. Advil didn’t do much for it, neither did the stretches/acupuncture/adjustment my Chiropractor gave me.  The pain kept bugging me, even at night. After the second visit, my Chiropractor said I had a pinched nerve, and to keep on with all the stretching every 2 hrs. So I did.

But I also went to see my Primary Care Physician (PCP). She put me on a short course of steroids and a muscle relaxant. The first day on the steroids made me feel really sleepy– but made the neck hurt a lot less. The second day? I woke up with a right shoulder that didn’t want to move. 

Naturally, I freaked out a little. 

My Chiropractor wasn’t too concerned, though. He did his usual adjustment/accupuncture thing on me and sent me on my way. The rest of the week, my neck continued to improve even as my shoulder didn’t. By the end of the steroid course, I had greater neck movement (to the point where it was loose enough to hurt, oh hooray) and still no shoulder movement. I pinged my PCP as to what the next step should be and continued to suffer.

Part of the suffering came from googling to determine what’s going on. Frozen shoulder seemed likely. I was not enamoured with the “oh it will clear up on it’s own in like 3-5 years and if you’re lucky you will regain most of your arm movement” I kept coming across. Perhaps it was actually something else, like a weird reaction to the steroids?

Nope. Not so lucky. This week’s visit had my chiropractor confirming it was a frozen shoulder. My PCP responded that I needed to come in and see her about it. So I will this coming Monday. But geez louise. I’m doing stretches several times a day, not sleeping well because of shoulder pain, and am pretty much one-handed now. (I keep moving the other arm as much as I can, but it’s not good for much else than typing and perhaps stirring tea. ) And I could be in this state for another 5 years.

Aging sucks.

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